Q: Why choose Shoot power wind turbine?

A: Shoot power wind turbine;is good quality and good design product.

Q: How about the Shoot power Nemo2000 wind turbine?
A: It is excellent Wind Generator in the world. The smallest size (only 1.78meter in rotor diameter) and the lightest weight (18kgs weight), but it can output 2000watt power. Exclusive blades design makes it start up in breeze wind. Perfect aerodynamics design makes sure the blades and the body with high efficiency. New fresh tail design keeps it running in high wind up to 60m/s. Smart wireless communication lets you grasp the output at any time.

Q:Can I install an Nemo turbine on my roof?
A: Yes. Shoot power offers a roof side-mounting kit, although in most cases a freestanding tower will deliver better energy production.

Q:How can I install an Nemo400 turbine on my sailboat?
A: Two common methods of mounting Nemo400 turbines on boats include mizzen (mast) mounting and deck (stern) mounting. Shoot Power offers a complete deck mounting kit for this type of installation.

Q:What are the types of Nemo turbines available?
A: Shoot Power offers the Nemo series 400W and 2000W products, which works best in low to moderate wind speeds and operates very quietly. Nemo is recommended for higher wind areas. Our next wind turbine Nemo4000 is high voltage product, it will come out next year.

Q: Why Shoot Power 100% use Carbon Fiber blades?
A: 1. First Carbon Fiber has excellent mechanical properties and strength.
2. Good conductive properties, compared to glass fiber material, the Carbon fiber can avoid electrostatic triggered lightning risk.

Q: When need shut off the wind turbine?
A: 1. Long time do not want wind turbine working.
2. Battery always full and no any loads.
3. No any battery in connections.

Above conditions, if do not shuf off the wind turbine, maybe damage the wind turbine.

Q: How about Nemo4000 and how use Nemo4000 connect PV inverter?
A: At present, Nemo4000 can compatible most of current PV inverters, because the alternator use three Phase, so output waveform is better than PV. In the other side, Nemo4000 is first time use MPPT tracking PV inverter technology, so it can fit most of PV inverters.
Before turn on the Nemo4000 smart box power, please make sure the inverter power is connected ok. Becasue most of PV inverter has about 30S to 3minutes standby time, so wind turbine will keep a low speed and waiting PV inverter start, once PV inverter started, the wind turbine will get into on grid mode.