•New fresh design blades can start in breeze wind
•Sleek design and aesthetics
•A power generator weighing 7.2kg and a maximum 4.5kW power output is used for the Nemo.
•Quiet operation silent blades design
•Designed for long running life(15 years)
•Rated at 2.0 kW
•3 year warranty

Wind Turbine Type: Horizontal axis, up-wind
Rotor Diameter: 1776mm (69.9")
Mass: 18kg (38lbs. 8oz)
Mount Diameter: 48.6mm (1-15/16")
Number of Blades: 3
Blade Material: Carbon-fiber
Body Material: Aluminum diecast
Product Finish: Teflon-based paint
Generator: Synchronous-type, three-phase power generator with neodymium iron boron magnets
Protection Circuit Built-in
Yaw control: Free yaw (360 degrees)
Direction Control: Swing-tail
Output Control: Non-stop output control
Start-up Wind Speed: 3m/s
Cut-out Wind Speed: -
Survival Wind Speed: 49.2m/s
Rated Rotor Speed 1000rpm
Maximum Power: 2.0kW (20m/s)
Maximum Rotor Speed: 1000rpm (20m/s)
Output Voltage: DC24V or DC48V
Braking System: Regenerative electromagnetic braking system
Off-grid :420Ah or more, flooded, deep cycle, marine grade batteries.