Telecommunication Solution

Shoot Power telecommuinication base station power solution is new fresh design. Shoot Power wind trubine is ultra-lightweight, easy mounted onto the exsiting tower base stations. Combined solar panels make a hybird power system supply the steady power to the telecommuinication base stations. It not only reduce the cost of energy, but also solve remote erection of cable investment. Shoot Power off grid wind turbine is more and more popular with telecommuinications and storage power system customers.

Recommended Products for Telecommunications

Site Need Wind Solar GenSet
2-12 kW
8,000-20,000 kWh annually
1-2 units
1-10 kW PV array 3-6 kW

12-50 kW
20,000-100,000 kWh annually

2-10 units
10-25 kW PV array 6-40 kW
50 kW +
100,000 kWh annually
10+ units
35 kW + 40 kW