Excellent Small Wind Turbine In The World!

Shoot Power Advantage:
Why named “Nemo” Wind Trubine?

ShootPower's dream is to make out the best quality wind turbine, it should have high efficent, small size and light weight wind turbine. The "Nemo" name inspiration comes from "Finding Nemo" film, small size but with strong power.


As a famous inverter generator and wind turbine senior team, in 2012 we seprated from previous company, and got into a new clean energy field, at the same time, we started a new project:"Small wind turbine". Based on previous around 15years experience on alternator and electrical control, before R&D, we have done a lot of research of current small wind turbines in the world, finally, we have the initial design.

The whole appearance of wind turbine use bionics design, the body use streamline design, there is a shark fin on the top of body, it can increase the max wind pass out, and avoid air spoiler.

The tial inspiration comes from fish tial, it can cope with any direction of the water flow. Compared with current triditional fixed tial, the swing tial design advantage is very clever, it can adapt to any wind direction and easy to release the strong wind rush.


The low noise blades design inspiration comes from owl feather, we make a lot of bulges and grooves on the blades like feather's, it can effectively reduce noise at rotating time. 

Also accroding to our previous experience, most of blade's handle design is very small, it often breaks in the strong wind, so we make a strong blade handle, it can make sure blades endure any strong wind.

The wind turbine material:
1.The body and tial use aluminum alloy die casting, the outside body is with teflon power treatment.



2.The blades use carbon fiber injection mold production, make sure each blade weight error is very small. The carbon fiber material is from Japan Toray company, the material performance is very strong.

3.Alternator megnet use Neodymium iron boron. the alternator frame use high quality 0.3mm thikness silicon steel sheets, the bearings come from NSK.


4. The internal intelligent management has many useful functions:
  1). Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT).
  2). RPM Control.
  3). Over heat control.
 4). Safety control.
Before putting into the market, we did lot of tests on the truck and wild, and make sure the Nemo become an excellent wind turbine in the world.